Autumn Season

An excerpt from the list of horses racing on 21 October 1962 at the Riga State Race Track (the names of the parents are indicated in the parentheses). Distance 1600 meters. VII group for two-year-old.

Enigmatic, bay female (Hydroplane–Invention)
Precious, grey male (Fingernail–Freshness)
Visitor, grey female (Trifle–Guarantee)
Quartet, dark grey male (Rion–Mail-armour)
Optician, bay male (Flood–Perfect Life)
Literate, dark grey male (Response–Groupy)
Pettish, dark grey female (Doc–Octave)
Weather, dark brown female (Hydroplane–Filling)
Emptiness, bay female (Success–Cannon)
Guileful I, black and grey female (Fingernail–Ceramics)
Probability, dark grey female (Laurel–Flash)
Reproof, grey male (Audacious Reproof–Starlette)
Aron, black male (Offshoot–Antenna)
Giant, brown male (Terrible–Gichka)
Mechanic, brown male (Strait–Lightning)
Hegemony II, dark brown female (Hydroplane–Galochka)
Premiere, brown and grey female (Strait–Cossack Hat)
Gingerbread, brown female (Git–Dobby)
Amulet, dark brown male (Meteorite–Axiom)
Variant, brown male (Inspector–Volga)
Light, dark brown male (Symbol–Baiga)
Mosquito, black male (Fireworks–Rumour)
Brooch, brown female (Solitary–Brightest of All)
Substantial, black female (Doc–Needle)
Reminder, dark grey female (Sea Surf–Little Bird)
Translator, brown male (Oprichnik–Homesick)

From Spring 2016 issue