Sensitive Versus Passionate

This text was written on a separate piece of paper, which is preserved among similar ones in the Department of Manuscripts of the National Library of Russia. There is no exact date, but the year is known—1931, after the month of November, and it is also known that it was written on the other side of this same piece of paper. Quoted from Daniil Kharms. Notebooks. Diary in Two Volumes. Vol. 2. Академический проект, 2002, p. 175.

I like sensitive women and not passionate ones. A passionate woman closes her eyes, moans and screams, and her pleasure is blind. A passionate woman writhes, gropes at you with her hands, squeezes just anything, kisses and even bites you and tries to finish it all as soon as she can. She has no time to show you her sex organs, no time to look, touch or kiss your sex organs, she is simply in a hurry to quench her passion. As soon as she has quenched her passion, the passionate woman falls asleep. The sex organs of the passionate woman are dry. The passionate woman is always somewhat manlike.

The sensitive woman is always womanly.
Her forms are always rounded and lavish.
The sensitive woman rarely gives in to blind passion. She seeks pleasure in love. The sensitive woman is always a woman and even at rest, her sex organs are always moist. She has to wear a protective bandage not to soil things with that moisture. When, in the evening, she takes it off, the bandage is so wet that she has to wring it out. Owing to this richness of juices, a light and pleasant smell emanates from the sex organs of the sensitive woman and it becomes more intense as the woman gets excited. Then the juices practically stream from her sex organs.  
The sensitive woman loves for you to look at her sex organs.

From Spring 2016 issue