Christopher Ricks
I’ve been to museums that are full of plates, but I’ve never seen a plate that would make any difference to my life. Christopher Ricks
On The Day I Died
Lyrics by Baby Dee On The Day I Died
Hilary Putnam
The only way you can avoid talking nonsense is by restricting yourself to banalities. Hilary Putnam
Wallace Shawn
I have one of the most fun lives of anybody because I don’t work; I put on plays, I act in movies, I write whatever I feel like. My life is outrageous. Wallace Shawn
Kira Muratova
What do I film? Provincial drama. I have no desire for any noise, poise or pride. Kira Muratova
Donald Hall
I have something to say that begins me going but my desire in writing it is to make something that is beautiful. Donald Hall
Freeman Dyson
Somehow the universe has a tendency to be as interesting as possible, more and more diverse, more and more interesting. Freeman Dyson