In 1926, according to his reader’s card, Stalin checked out the following seven books from the State Library:

The Essence of Hypnosis. Paris: LeGrande, 1902

Syphilis: Its Detection, History, and Treatment—Illustrated. Munich: Insel Verlag, 1922

The Right to Kill. Moscow: Bezbozhnik, 3rd ed., 1913

Is Resurrection of the Dead Possible? London: Theosophy International, 1921

Ritual Murder Among the Jews. St. Petersburg: Grani, 1910

Practical Versification. Moscow: Novaya Mysl, 1908

Proposal for the Revision of the First Soviet Encyclopaedia. Moscow: Izdatelstvo Kommunisticheskoy Partii, 1926

From Summer 2017 issue

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