Peter Brown
A good historian is like a good translator. He brings the meaning out of the past without imposing the meaning. Peter Brown
Gleb Pavlovsky
Man is a kind of play with time, so I decided to use it this way—by including history in my biography. Gleb Pavlovsky
An Interesting Fact, Incidentally
An Interesting Fact, Incidentally
An Afterthought
Gleb Pavlovsky An Afterthought
Mikhail Gefter
I’ll start with the statement: murder is indicated to man. Mikhail Gefter
On Fear
Alexander Piatigorsky On Fear
Leonard Susskind
Every indication from fundamental physics suggests the laws of physics can change from place to place. Leonard Susskind
Umberto Eco
My memory is full of lives of other people. I haven’t lived seventy years; I’ve lived seventy thousand years. Umberto Eco
Oleg Karavaichuk
I’m destined to punch people’s faces. This is my playing; I’m punching faces. Oleg Karavaichuk
Ilya Kabakov
I was a little child when I realized that living in this world is impossible. Ilya Kabakov
Baby Dee
My hope is that I’m not a complete fucking asshole after I’m dead. Baby Dee
Alexander Piatigorsky
London is a kind of disarray where everyone knows how to behave. But separately. Alexander Piatigorsky
Stanley Cavell
Almost everything I do in philosophy to be derived from this remark: speech comes to an end, the body comes to an end… Stanley Cavell
Freeman Dyson
Somehow the universe has a tendency to be as interesting as possible, more and more diverse, more and more interesting. Freeman Dyson
Fran Lebowitz
In strollers, babies, two-year-olds—what are they doing in the museum? They shouldn’t be there! Fran Lebowitz
Terror and Thought
Alexander Piatigorsky Terror and Thought